A last show. A new EP.




On Saturday, August 13th, we’ll be releasing a new 5 song EP, and we’ll be playing our last show ever. It’s at the Hi-Dive, it’s 21+ (I’m sorry James), and it’s with our friends in Serious Moonlight and All Capitals.  We’d love to see you there. Tickets are available from the hi-dive website.

In case you’re wondering, it’s because I’m moving to Austin in the fall, and am entering the PhD program in Philosophy at the University of Texas.

I’ve had a hell of a time hanging out with you all over the years; I haven’t even yet left Denver, and already I miss her dearly.

Love, love, love,



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Another Peek Under the Curtain + Residency Announcement

Below is another tease from the record we’ve been working on.  We’ve, somehow, managed to run it through some sort of cursed black magic distortion filter, but the sound wasn’t affected, so we’re just going to roll with it.  Afterall, we listen to music, right?

In other news, we’re doing the March residency at the Lost Lake.  So, essentially, we have four shows booked in the next month, but it’s going to vary a little bit (or wildly!) from our normal set.  We’re going to play old stuff, brand new stuff, spin records, and maybe even surprise everyone with something we won’t disclose just yet.

Important information?  We’re playing every Thursday night in March at the Lost Lake Lounge and festivities will begin between 9:00 and 10:00pm.


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A new record

Hi all,

Despite the cobwebs and dust that have collected around here, we have not abandoned this place. We’ve only been hiding in the attic, writing songs with the hope of releasing an album in the spring.

The above is an acoustic preview of one song from that album. Expect more of these in the coming weeks, and let us know what you think.


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Terrible Extended Metaphors, Allusions to News.

Debuting a new song in front of an audience — I imagine — is a lot like bringing your kid to the park for the first time.  You clean her up, put her in her best sundress, and then watch anxiously, hoping she does something awe-inducingly cute for fawning spectators.  It’s not an iPod or a new pair of shoes; she’s uniquely your creation, and even the slightest notion of indifference or disapproval would be a crushing blow.

Well, I don’t have a child; but I do have a song, and I’m proud to say she’s clapped and giggled in all the right ways during each trip to the park.  So much so, we’re interested in giving her some brothers and sisters to play with in the very near future, and that’s exciting news for our little family.

It’s been nearly an entire year since we finished tracking We Will Explain Everything, and quite a bit longer since each song was initially conceived (most of the first demos date back to late 2008, with two songs even going back to 2006).  Since then, Jeff has joined our band, and after working with him for more than a year, we’re excited to have him involved in this writing and arranging process we’re about to undertake.

What does this all mean?  We’re aiming towards having new music out by the end of this year, at the very minimum.  Yeah, we’re only in the conception stage, and the gestation period of music can be irregular, but results are imminent!

We’ll keep you posted 🙂

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Bicycle Film Festival After Party. Friday at the Meadowlark. Free.

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Good Appreciation of Good Art


via All Things Shining

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Life + Pictures = Lictures

This installment of The Still City blog: what my life is like when I’m not doing The Still City stuff. In other words–vanity post!

First, I awake. And then, it appears, I flex.

Then, I tell Paisley to get his lazy ass out of bed. He doesn’t listen.

Then, I sit on the couch (off camera left) for as many hours as I can stand doing The Worst Job Ever. Sometimes Lindz, Paisley, or a Box of multicolored Goldfish accompany me while I work. When I’m lucky, all three do.

I then get my daily exercise with a rousing match of Wii Tennis. Here, my sister and I in the championship round. Notice the poise with which I handle myself in this intense situation:

Then, more often than not, I drink beer.

I usually do some other stuff around this time, but I have no photographic evidence of doing so.

Then I go to bed.

and Paisley does too.

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