An Introduction.

Brian and Ryan, Hi Dive

There’s this rule in songwriting that you not write songs about songwriting. Every song I’ve ever written wherein I violated that rule was terrible, and yet here I am, about to blog about blogging (I hate the word “blog” by the way; it sounds like something that sticks to you).

The problem is that for the past couple of weeks, as opposed to posting anything, I’ve been trying to figure out what this thing is about. I want not to write things like “our show last night was great!” (For some reason, as I wrote that, I imagined the word ‘great’ spoken in the voice of Tony the Tiger). Such proclamations seem empty, or like they’re not really about anything.

And while it is surely only the narcissistic that are concerned with seeming narcissistic, I have a hard time talking about myself even to good friends. In any case, if you’re at all like me, you already have enough online friends intent on idealizing their own lives, and producing for the online world the image of a life well-lived. I have nothing more to add in that regard.

So, I imagine that, from here on out, this blog will be about the band (stunning, I know). And I imagine I’ll post some photos of our exploits (I’m a terrible photographer, so that should be fun), but I want more than anything to draw a true picture of the things that I think are important in this mess. In general, I believe they are few, but they are deep.

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