Jeff, a study in postmodern photography.

Jeff, in his element.

In all my two weeks as a photographer, I’ve taken a lot of photos.  And as any good photographer will tell you, what you aim to capture in a photograph is what is essential in, or that which is the essence of, the thing photographed. It is a rare occurrence; you might spend your whole life trying and yet never capture, as Heidegger would put it, the thingness of the thing.

It must have been about 4:30 p.m. when this photo was taken. We drove to Jeff’s house, upon which he greeted us wearing only calf-length nylon shorts, and those slippers your grandma’s always wearing, all while holding what appears to be one of those plastic triangles you take to elementary school, but never really end up using.

When he realized I was photographing him, he started to run for cover. And thus, this photo was born–but not born really, for in a sense, this photo has always existed as a part of Jeff himself, but was simply waiting to be committed to film.

Also, Hipstamatic Iphone app, makes your photos look like they were taken by a real live hipster (hipsta?).

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