Life + Pictures = Lictures

This installment of The Still City blog: what my life is like when I’m not doing The Still City stuff. In other words–vanity post!

First, I awake. And then, it appears, I flex.

Then, I tell Paisley to get his lazy ass out of bed. He doesn’t listen.

Then, I sit on the couch (off camera left) for as many hours as I can stand doing The Worst Job Ever. Sometimes Lindz, Paisley, or a Box of multicolored Goldfish accompany me while I work. When I’m lucky, all three do.

I then get my daily exercise with a rousing match of Wii Tennis. Here, my sister and I in the championship round. Notice the poise with which I handle myself in this intense situation:

Then, more often than not, I drink beer.

I usually do some other stuff around this time, but I have no photographic evidence of doing so.

Then I go to bed.

and Paisley does too.

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