“Best Indie Rock Band in Denver, 2010”- The Westword

“[With We Will Explain Everything], The Still City has created a stunning, 11-track collection…Balancing pop songwriting chops and production with an indie rock authenticity We Will Explain Everything recalls some of the best work by the Cure, Death Cab for Cutie and Matt Pond, PA.” – The Denver Post

“[We Will Explain Everything] strikes that familiar chord. Just as Bon Iver’s For Emma, Forever Ago felt so right, so perfectly melancholy, We Will Explain Everything hurts in the ways you want music to ache. Tears seem locked in the album, along with rage, fear, and a deep sadness…” – No Mistake in Mixtape

“All in all, The Still City has cultivated a stunning sound, one with fluidity, energy and gorgeous dynamics.” – The Denver Syntax

“[On Light and the Machines ] The Still City’s emo-inflected rock has taken a giant leap forward…Ryan Murphy’s synth lines are front and center…Brandon Roth’s supernaturally kinetic drumming roughens the edges and keeps the songs hurtling forward….Brian Knab’s vocals seem stronger, more emotive and confident than before, giving tracks like “Sleepwalkers for Life” and the Cure-like “A Bedroom and a Parking Spot” a raw sincerity and power.” – The Westword

“…singer/guitarist, Brian Knab, has a true gift for turning a phrase until it corkscrews your heart…” – The Onion A/V Club

“…There’s never been a better time to get into local music, and The Still City is definitely running with the cream of the crop.” -Kaffeine Buzz

“…a Weakerthans-meets-the-North-Atlantic art-rock retrogression that is both daringly immature and fully admirable…” -The Westword


One Response to Press

  1. Ryan Flick says:

    Great to meet you guys this week! I really enjoyed your set. I’ll try to make it out again to hear you play soon!

    Ryan Flick

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